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Each day, campers are introduced to a new skill. Sessions begin with a 30 minute interactive workshop where students have the opportunity to study texts that exemplify the daily skill focus and gain an understanding of the techniques they will be applying to their own writing. In their next block, students have the opportunity to practice and apply the skills they have learned to their own writing. During this time, instructors will facilitate one-on-one check-ins with each student in breakout rooms to check for understanding and provide individualized feedback. In their last block, students will share what they have written and provide constructive, growth-oriented feedback to one another.


  • Demonstrate an understanding for a variety of writing styles and techniques. 

  • Engage in practical and creative writing activities.

  • Identify the necessary elements of each writing style.  

  • Practice a variety of writing styles. 

  • Present prepared writings to the group.

  • Incorporate interactive activities to practice learned skills.


  • Games and activities aimed at developing effective communication skills

  • Seminars with interactive powerpoints and activities integrated to teach skills related to voice, vocabulary, writing structure, writing style, and storytelling 

  • Group and individual activities to facilitate skill development 

  • Homework inclusive of practice activities 

  • The development of two or more completed writing works


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