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In their Technical Writing sessions, students will have the opportunity to gain practical skills regarding grammar, syntax, essay structure, and vocabulary. Each session will involve an interactive lesson to a new skill, followed by an opportunity to practice that skill through writing drills and projects. Students will then have the opportunity to share their work with one another and receive constructive feedback. 

In their first class, students will focus on learning level-appropriate grammar and sentence structures. More complex structures and skills will be developed throughout the week. In their second class, students will be introduced to formal essay structures and they will begin to apply their newfound vocabulary and grammar skills to formal essays. For the remainder of the week, students will continue to develop their writing skills through practice writing persuasive essays, personal essays, and critical analytical essays. By the conclusion of Write Camp, students will have developed two complete and revised writing pieces to illustrate their learning. 


Write Camp provides learners with the opportunity for individual feedback from instructors and peers alike. Students are taught to proofread and deliver feedback constructively, allowing learners to practice their editing skills while improving their own writing with the contributions of others. 

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